Tips to Improve Sleep: From a Penticton Therapist

October 25, 2011  |   Blog   |     |   4,765 Comments

    In my last post, I covered several ways to optimize Mental Wellness. Sleep was briefly mentioned and I included a couple of practical tips to promote good sleep hygiene. Good sleep is so important I have decided to contribute a post to this entirely. Our brains need to rest and repair and they do this through the process of sleep. The benefits of sleep are usually taken for ...

Foundations for Emotional & Mental Wellness: Penticton Counsellor

October 11, 2011  |   Blog   |     |   2,271 Comments

Often we think of wellness in terms of physical health. What about emotional and mental well being- concentration and focus, a sharp memory, decision making, rationalization, ability to handle stress, and be emotionally stable? Have you ever considered what optimizes emotional and mental well being? We all have situations in our lives that are difficult and unpleasant. As humans we are biologically wired to experience emotions such as fear, sadness, and pain as a function of ...

Finding the Right Counsellor

October 07, 2011  |   Blog   |     |   5,610 Comments

Finding the Right Counsellor By Vickie Kampe M.Ed., RCC When we are looking for counselling and support, we are often in a vulnerable state, overwhelmed and confused, and feel a need for trust and safety. It’s difficult to know where to start looking for a therapist - the yellow pages? a Google search? ask a friend? the counsellor center downtown? a therapist recommended by a doctor? When selecting the counsellor to best help you three ...

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    After everything is said and done, when we ask ourselves what is meaningful and important to us- many of us can answer that the quality of our relationships is important. Bad relationships, conflicts within relationships, and hurt is pain in our relationships is very distressing. Dr John Gottman is a psychologist in Seattle who practices […]

  • Trauma- Recovery is Possible!
    May 29, 2012

    Trauma is the experience of a situation where one is either harmed or threatened to be harmed or witness to someone else’s harm or potential harm. How we cope with the exposure to the life-threatening situation can define trauma. Some individuals may have no ill effects and carry on life as usual. Other’s struggle through […]