Build yourself a little piece of happiness…

January 17, 2012  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

I know if I start out writing this post about resolutions- it will seem a little late as we are already well into the third week of January. But, I have a great excuse! I have been super busy doing activities that bring me fulfillment and joy. My resolution is to do more of the things I enjoy as part of my plan in being an active agent of creating my own happiness.

Some of my simple pleasures in life are hosting Sunday morning brunch for friends, baking in the afternoons with my children, mountain biking, hiking with my dog, expanding my interests in photography and introducing my kids to new activities and experiences.

Happiness does not always come easy to us. The daily grind of work, preparing meals, and managing household duties can become monotonous with little excitement. Throw in a couple of typical problems and we can feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed.

A simple trick is to be intentional in planning pleasurable activities into our week- carve out the time, and make a commitment to do it. What we will notice is we feel good about ourselves, we give ourselves a sense of accomplishment or achievement, and we have created opportunity in the relentless workweek for some enjoyment.

Some ideas around activities:
~think about your hobbies
~expand your learning in a topic that interests you
~engage in activities you are already skilled in
~try something new- a sport, games, or past-time
~cleaning and maintenance
~a random act of kindness

Try it with me- be intentional and commit to doing the activities you love. I’d love to hear about how it turns out for you!